We offer a huge range of 14 colours for our acrylic cake and cupcake stands. This allows you to coordinate the total look of your next celebration. Some stands are only listed in a few colours but we are happy to make any stand in any of our 14 colours, just contact us with your request. We also stock 3 mirrored acrylic colours for our cake toppers only – Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror and Rose Gold. Please be aware that the back of the topper is a flat grey so it is not suitable for Cake Stands.

Opaque: Many of our colours are opaque, meaning solid, however a couple are ever so slightly translucent, with a very small degree of visibility. Our purple and our yellow are basically opaque with just a hint of visibility.

Transparent: The remainder of our colours are listed as transparent. If listed as “transparent”, the acrylic is tinted in the colour specified and offers visibility through the stand.

“Neon look”: We stock two colours that, when cut, have an edge that really stands out…. a bit like neon. These sheets are transparent.

Clear: Clear means just that – crystal clear.

Acrylic Colour Range

Clear: It’s versatility means it will go with pretty much anything!
Ice (Transparent): Completely visible like its “clear” counterpart, Ice goes that step further with its blue/green edge.
White (Opaque): What’s more elegant than a pure white table setting? Also available in 4.5mm.
Red (Opaque): Love is in the air!
Black (Opaque): Black is the new black, right? Also available in 4.5mm.
Green (Opaque): Fondly festive or an excellent choice for outdoor events.
Bottle Green (Transparent): Classic deep green.
Yellow (Opaque/slightly translucent): The dashing daffodil of our palette.
Amber (Transparent): This colour often holds up traffic.
Mauve (Opaque): The sweet choice for those with a sweet tooth.
Blue (Transparent): Perfect for capturing the ambience of the coast.
“Neon-look” Lime Green (Translucent): More striking than shoulder pads in the 80’s.
“Neon-look” Pink/Orange (Translucent): The ultimate modern pop of colour.
Deep Red (Translucent): If you like roses on your door-step and long walks on the beach – this colour is for you.
Purple (Opaque/slightly translucent): A regal choice your royal treats.

Acrylic Mirror Range

We also stock Mirrored Acrylic for our cake toppers only. Please be aware that the back of the topper is a flat grey so it is not suitable for Cake Stands.
Silver Mirror (Reflective Opaque with Grey Backing): When will my reflection show who I am inside?
Gold Mirror (Reflective Opaque with Grey Backing): Goldfinger 
Rose Gold (Reflective Opaque with Grey Backing): Rose coloured glasses

Other Materials

We are looking into new materials everyday and hope to add more in the future. Our most recent addition is our gorgeous Maple Timber.
Maple Timber (Opaque, Unfinished): Beautiful beech coloured 3mm timber.