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Customised Cake Toppers and Cake Decorating Stencils

Amour Cake Topper

Do You Need Customised Cake Toppers and Cake Decorating Stencils? Increasingly, we’ve been asked “Do you produce customised cake toppers and cake decorating stencils?” In short the answer is “Yes, with some restrictions.” I thought it was time to explain in a little more detail. You may be aware that I am a graphic designer […]

Savour this Chocolate Cookbook

Savour this Chocolate Cookbook

A book review: Chocolate by Kirsten Tibballs Ok, I’ll admit it, I enjoy watching MasterChef Australia. It’s my guilty pleasure, a reality show that actually delivers more than gossip and staged antics. Culinary voyeurism at its best, MasterChef has been instrumental in introducing the general public to amazing chefs like Kirsten Tibballs, ‘Australia’s queen of […]